Free PPE for all HCP Agency Workers

As you all know there is a nationwide shortage of PPE supplies due to the ongoing pandemic, however the Agency have done their best over the last two months to gather some supplies. (Gloves, Sanitisers, Aprons and Masks). 

HCP have paid for these supplies and we are giving it to our agency workers for Free

We are fortunate that our suppliers are still able to support us in this difficult time. However, to limit deliveries they are not delivering to each individual Homecare clients personal address. 

They are only delivering to one central address which is our office address, 546 Streatham High Road, London, SW16 3QF. 

To ensure Social distancing is still being applied. Once you are on your way please let us know and whatever you need will be left on the front reception desk for you to collect. 

Thank you for continuing to support our clients and stay safe!