Welcome to HCP Staffing Services

The company was founded several years ago by Sarah Pedro and now HCP STAFFING SERVICES is a formidable staffing agency which is particularly active in London and the surrounding areas. 

After several years of knowing the Health and Social Care sector and gaining a deeper understanding of various clients' needs, HCP STAFFING SERVICES began to develop a tailored recruitment model to meet their clients expectations, whilst also attracting talented candidates throughout the UK. 

HCP STAFFING SERVICES candidates have been personally selected after careful scrutiny of their qualifications, skills, experiences and professional attributes. 

This has enabled our booking co-ordinators to recommend members of our workforce for hire with full confidence of their calibre and the skills. 

As a result the business has grown rapidly and what started as a tailored bespoke business model has evolved into a successful recruitment company with several employees specialising in the following areas;

Healthcare and Social Care
Continuing Care for Adults and
Continuing care for Children and Babies with Complex care needs